Tubidy Mp3 Free Music and Video Download Search Engine

Everybody knows that a search engine can help to find any kind of information. But, how about if there is a search engine that focuses on sharing music and videos? It will be great for music and video lovers. Tubidy is one of the apps that offer this service. Learn about this app below before downloading and using it.

What is Tubidy?

Tubidy is one of the most popular videos and music downloading platforms. This platform is not only facilitating people who want to download videos and music but also uploading them. Users can find a variety of videos and songs they love. They don’t have to listen to the songs on the platform. They can download the songs and listen to them offline. The best part is that users can use this platform for free. This music platform is also available in Windows, Android, and iOS.

The Way to Get Tubidy

This video and music platform is available and ready to download on Google Play Store. It is one of the fast methods to get Tubidy on your Android devices. You can also visit its official website, Tubidy.mobi to access and use the features via browsers. Take a look at the steps to download your favorite music and videos via this platform below.

The Steps to Download Music and Videos from Tubidy via PC

The first thing to do is opening your browser. This platform is compatible with several popular browsers, including Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Mozilla. Go to its official website and start to find out your favorite music or videos once you visit the official website. Use the search box on the site to type a specific keyword. The system can detect a variety of keywords, including the name of the track, artists, albums, and others. Hit the enter button to let the system search your music or videos. The process takes a few seconds before you see the result.

Choose the correct song because you are about to get a list of several songs based on the keyword. Continue the process by selecting the music or video format before downloading it. The site offers several formats, such as 3GP, MP4 video, MP3 audio, and MP4. Make sure that you are selecting the right song and format before confirming the download. You will see an automatic tab to confirm whether you are ready to download the files or not.

Click on the confirmation button and tap the download button based on the format you have chosen. Choose the destination to save the files. Then, click the save option. It is the time where your browser starts to download the files from Tubidy. The download speed depends on the performance of your internet connection. That’s it! You can listen to the music or watch the video from the PC once the process is complete.

The Steps to Download Music and Video from Tubidy via Android App

Download and install the app on the Google Play Store if you don’t have it yet. You must create an account if it is your first time using the app. Launch the app on your Android devices when the download process is complete. The good part about using this platform via the Android app is that you can stream the music or video without downloading it first.

Go to the search box and type a specific keyword related to the music or videos you want to download. The system will show a list of songs and videos based on the keyword. Choose the correct song or video from the list. Don’t forget to choose the right format to make sure that you can launch the files on your Android devices. Click the confirmation button and wait for a few minutes. You can listen to the music and watch videos on your Android devices once the download process is complete. It is a great option if you can’t access the internet network, but you want to listen to your favorite music or video.

The Steps to Download Music and Videos from Tubidy via iOS

Downloading music and videos from Tubidy via iOS is a little bit different compared to PC and Android. You are not only using the platform but also iTunes. Make sure that you have iTunes on your iOS. Update this platform first to get the latest version before using it for downloading music or video via Tubidy. Another device you must use in this process is a PC. You need a PC to connect the iPhone to it by using a USB cable.

Launch iTunes from your iPhone once this device connects to the PC. Now, go to the official website and use the same downloading process above. Go to iTunes when the download process is complete. Find the Summary tab on iTunes and select the manually manage music and videos option. Click on the apply button to continue the process. Now, go to the library section and select the Songs option.

Transfer the downloaded tracks from the Tubidy to the library on the iPhone. You will see the tracks after transferring them. Drag and drop them to the iTunes window. Highlighting the tracks and sync as a group if you want to move several tracks. It is a faster way instead of moving them one by one. You can launch and listen to the music or watch the video after the process is complete. The process may be a little bit complicated, but it is worth it to do if you often use an iPhone compared to a PC or Android.

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The Way to Upload Music or Videos to Tubidy

So, how about if you are a content creator who loves to share music and video? Indeed, you can use Tubidy to gain more listeners or viewers. The way to upload music or videos to this platform is also easy. The first thing to do is visiting the official website or launching the platform. Make sure that you have an account on this platform. Create an account if you are a new user. Find the upload option once you enter the main page of the platform.

Read the instructions and requirements to upload a video and music first. Make sure that the videos and music you want to upload pass the requirements. It is an important consideration otherwise you will fail to upload the video or music. Click the upload button when you are ready. Then, give your track a title and description. A title and description are important, so your fans can easily find your track on Tubidy. You also need to add some tags.

These elements are also good for the SEO on the platform if you want to grab new fans. Create a tag related to your videos, such as rock music, instrumental, relaxing music, and many more. It is good to create a title that is easy to remember and eye-catching. Write an interesting description, so new listeners are curious about your track and click it. Publish your track and save it on your Tubidy account. Now, you have a track on Tubidy you can share with others. Share your track by sharing the link on your social media accounts.

The Features You Can Use in Tubidy

Tubidy provides its users with a variety of features. The features help users to operate the platform comfortably. That’s why the downloading and uploading process is easy to do. So, what kind of features can you use on this platform?

My Account Playlist

You may have a lot of favorite songs and tracks to save. My account playlist helps you to manage the songs and tracks well. As a result, you don’t need to find the songs or tracks over and over again. You only have to go to my account playlist feature and see them. Users can use this feature to add new songs and tracks. Indeed, this feature makes you more comfortable while using Tubidy.

My Upload

My upload feature is useful for content creators or anyone who wants to upload videos or music on this platform. Use this feature anytime you want to upload new content from your account. Wait until the process is complete and see your content on this platform. You can also set the detail of the content such as whether it is for public or private and other settings.

Top Videos

Do you want to know the most popular videos on Tubidy? If it is so, you can use the top video feature to know it. This feature helps you to reach out to the latest trending videos on this platform. As a result, you can check the trend and everything that are happening all over the world. This feature also has a classification system, so you can get the most popular videos based on a specific keyword or category. This platform also uses this feature to show the most recent and most-watched videos on the internet or social media.

My Stats

This feature works well for users who want to know anything about their account or activity on this platform. It helps you to make sure that you don’t do the same thing over and over again while login to your account. Click on my stats option and see the details there. The information is including the list of videos and music you have downloaded.

My Recent Viewed

The developer launches this feature to help its users who want to know their previous history. You can see the history of the videos you have watched or downloaded from this platform. You can even see the media content that you shared or visited. It is great to trace all you have watched and downloaded to make sure that you got them all.

Search Box

Imagine how many songs and tracks are available on this platform? It is impossible to find your favorite song or track one by one. The search box makes the searching process easier and faster. Write down the tracks and songs you want to listen to or download on the search box. The system will show you a list related to the keyword. Then, you can pick the right song or track.


Tubidy wants to make its users comfortable. That’s why the developer supports them with a language feature. This feature is useful for users who don’t master English. Remember! The users of this platform are people all over the world.

As a result, they can use the platform more comfortably and maximally because they know the language. They can also upload and download content based on the language they understand. You only have to change the language on the language box feature. Wait for a few seconds and the language of the platform is changing based on your option.

Types of Music and Videos You Can Download via Tubidy

As a music and video search engine, Tubidy offers all types of music and videos for its users. The category includes comedy videos, entertaining videos, love songs, and trending songs. The interesting part is that you can even download or listen to your favorite Whatsapp status songs.

The Changing of Tubidy Domain

Some people get confused about Tubidy’s official website. It is because they find several domain names. This platform indeed has several domain names. The developer explains that the domain names help people to get access to this platform.

For example, you can go to Tubidy.mobi, Tubidy-mp3.com, and Tubidy.com.co. Tubidy.net.co and Tubidy.com are other alternatives if you can’t visit the previous websites. The options may make you get confused but they also help you to access this platform right away. If it is not, you can still download and install the app on Android or iOS and start using it as you want.

What People Must Know about Tubidy

There are so many things you have to know before using Tubidy. The more you understand the platform, the more comfortable you use it. Learn the things you have to know from Tubidy from the information below.

Is Tubidy Legal or illegal?

There is still a debate about whether this platform is legal or illegal. Some people say that this platform is illegal because of copyright. The other people explain that it is legal like YouTube. You can download, upload, and save videos on YouTube as long as the owners allow you to do it. It is also the same with the Tubidy. The owner of the account can upload music and videos on their accounts and set the policy and privacy of the content. You can let others watch and listen to the content and download it.

Is It Free To Download or Stream Songs or Videos on Tubidy?

It is also one of the most popular questions from new users. They aren't sure if this platform is a place to download and stream songs or videos for free. So, is it true? Yes, it is! This platform offers a variety of videos, songs, MP3, and other content. You can download or stream the content for free.          

Can You Download a Movie on Tubidy?

The thing to understand is that this platform is for downloading videos and music. So, how about movies? Can you download a movie on this platform? You can download movies along with trending songs and videos. The interesting part is that some people can also download the latest movie. Imagine that they even download the movie in HD quality format. This information explains that you can download a movie. You can try to do it by yourself to make sure that this platform allows you to do it.

Why You Can’t Find Tubidy in the App Store?

You know that you can download the application via the App Store, right? The problem is that you may not find this app after typing the name on the search box. So, what is going on? It is because your device? You may not find this app on App Store because of the violation of YouTube’s terms and conditions.

The Solution if you Can’t Find Tubidy in the App Store

So, how if you can’t find Tubidy in the app store? Is it possible for you to use this app? Yes, you can. Downloading the Tubidy APK version from the third-party platform is one of the alternatives. Nowadays, several websites offer the Tubidy APK version. It is also free to download. The websites are Tubidy.com, Tubidy.co, Tubidy.fm, and Tubidy.me. People also often use Tubidy.nn, Tubidy.pro, Tubidy.cvv, Tubidy.in, and Tubidy.vip to download this platform.

The Reason for Using Tubidy

Tubidy is a popular platform, along with users around the world. Indeed, users have a reason why they use this platform instead of using other similar platforms. The information can help new users to know why this platform is so popular among music lovers in the world.

Easy to Use

Indeed, you want to use an app or platform that is easy to use, right? The developer knows about it. That’s why Tubidy is easy to use. No matter who you are, whether you have knowledge and skills in technology, you can still use this platform.

A first-time user can use this platform well only in a few minutes. This platform guides its users with instructions and steps to follow. Users only have to follow the instructions to get what they want from this platform. The easier the platform, the faster you get the music or video you want to watch or listen to.


You don’t need to get confused about the device and format of the content before downloading it. Tubidy is compatible enough with a variety of devices and formats. You can use PC, Android, and iOS to access the app. This platform is also suitable for any kind of video and music format, including MP3, MP4, and many more. This flexibility verifies that you can watch the video or music after downloading them from Tubidy. Even if you can’t download the content, you can still stream them.


Imagine how happy you are if you can get your favorite music or video without spending your money at all. It is also the reason why so many people use Tubidy to download their favorite music or videos. Free content that is easy and fast to download is perfect!

Promotion Media

Are you a content creator or musician, or singer? You can promote your music on this platform. This platform allows you to upload personal music or videos. Then, you can let other people listen to your music or watch your videos. The more they know your content, the bigger a chance for them to be your new fans.

The Safety of Tubidy for Its Users

Most people ask about the safety of using Tubidy on their devices. Is it okay for them to download music or tracks on Tubidy by using their devices? This platform is safe to use. There will be anything that will destroy your devices, such as spam, malware, or viruses while downloading the app or tracks through Tubidy. It is similar to other search engines. The report explains that this platform has zero viruses and spamming yet it offers accurate searching. You can even get the right music and videos that other search engine websites can’t.

Another reason why this platform is safe is the restriction and filtering video systems. Let's say you can upload videos that give a bad impact on the users and children. How do you find such content? Tubidy is also ready with a report feature. You can use this feature to report the content. The Tubidy team will analyze your report and decide whether they have to take down the video or not. The restriction and filtering system works well so people can only get the videos and music they want.

It is okay if you want to let your kids use Tubidy. The filtering and restricting system prevents children from getting content that contains offensive, sexual, nudity, violence, and many more. On the other hand, the system offers cartoons or education videos to download or stream. Children can even use music and videos to support their studies. It is the reason why you can find the education category on the website.

Content creators also have a chance to create useful videos or music such as tutorials, how-to videos, tips, and trick videos, and others to get more viewers. Parents can be glad because there is no cyberbullying on this platform, although it is an online platform. The point is that this platform is not only safe for your device but also for you and your family members.

Tubidy Alternative Websites

You don’t need to get confused if you can’t use Tubidy. It is not a problem if you don’t want to use the APK version. The best option is to use alternative platforms that have the same functions. The alternative platforms to download music and videos for free.


Audiomack is a music platform. You can find your favorite music for free. The music is unlimited from a variety of genres, singers, and songs. This platform is suitable for those who want to download music from Android and iOS devices. Like Tubidy, this platform is also suitable for sharing music and discovering new artists.

That’s why it is also a good platform for singers, songwriters, or music creators who want to promote their artworks. The most important thing is that you can only listen to the downloaded music offline from the app. The difference is that you can’t transfer the file from the app to another storage device.


It is another alternative if you can’t download or use Tubidy. The best part of using this platform is users can license their creations. This platform is also using beats as the currency. Users can use the beats to listen to licensed music. They can even sell the beats to others. Content creators can give the beast for free to the followers to increase the engagement of their works. You can download the content via the official website, Android, and iOS. It is also a flexible music platform for music lovers to download their favorite music and find new cool works.


This music platform is good for those who find royalty-free music. It is also one of the popular websites to download songs. Then, you can use the songs for your videos, and animations. You can even use it for commercial purposes. Like Tubidy, the features are suitable for supporting its users. Users can find their favorite tracks by genre, popularity, and tags. New music and artists can boost their popularity from this platform. Indeed, users can appreciate the creators by purchasing a license. The benefit is that users can get high-quality MP3 files.


CCTrax is the most similar to Tubidy. Users can download music, stream, and watch videos. The music is free to download and legal. All the works are under the Creative Commons license. The music genre is also various, including techno, electronic, ambient, dub, and others. The best part is that users can download full albums without creating an account. Search the new tracks and save them to your device.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive can be one of the recommended Tubidy alternatives. This platform offers a lot of free songs to download under a Creative Commons License. The best part is that users get high-quality songs due to the relationship. Users are about to get songs made by selected artists and producers. Due to the variety of the songs, you can search for a song by its title, type of license. It is okay if you want to watch videos. The most interesting thing is that there are a lot of songs to download for free whether for personal use and listening.

Tips to Find the Right Free Music Online from Tubidy

You are about to get millions of songs and audios on Tubidy. So, how to find the right music from Tubidy. Knowing this trick will make you get the right music right away, especially for content creators.  

Know the Purpose of the Song

Make sure that you know whether you want to use the song for entertaining or giving information to listeners. At the same time, music creators can also use this trick to find the right listeners or fans through online music platforms. Let's say you can download instrumental music, along with a slow tempo if you want to use it for relaxation. Upbeat music is a good option for those who need to boost mood or promote products for teenagers.

Select the Genre

The reason why the developer supports users with a genre feature is to make sure that they can get the right music. This feature is not only useful to find a song faster but also the right one. Music platforms often offer several genres, including country, cheerful, urban, acoustic, calm, classic, and many more. Mix and match the song you want to download with the mood of the video or even your mood. This simple trick will help you to find the right music online for free through online platforms such as Tubidy.

Don’t Steal Music

Make sure that the music on the platform is free to download whether for personal use or commercial. Some tracks have a license and you need permission when you want to use them for commercial purposes. At least, you can include the source where you get the music.

Now, you know why Tubidy becomes one of the most popular music and video platforms in the world. At least, you can try to use this application if you can download it. If it is not, you can use the APK version and even find the best alternative that gives the same benefits. The most important thing is that you visit the right official website before downloading the songs or tracks for free there. Read also the complete details to make sure that you are downloading the right tracks that you need on Tubidy.