Why Should You Use Tubidy? – A Review

Have you ever heard of Tubidy? If you love watching videos and listening to the latest music, you would be familiar with that platform.

Tubidy is a search engine for videos. The platform allows users from around the world to enjoy various videos for free. Users can listen and watch the latest video clips from their favorite artists, or look for tutorial videos for this week’s craft class.

Even though you can also do the same by using other platforms, Tubidy is worth trying. There is no need to pay for an account, considering there is no difference between premium content or not. All users are welcome to watch anything in Tubidy.

So, why should you use Tubidy in the first place? What things are offered by the platform? Is Tubidy safe?

You can find all answers in this article.

Tubidy in a nutshell

Tubidy is one of the most popular search engines for videos. All collections in the library are free to download, and all of them are also available to convert to mp3 formats. 

Thus, if you like to listen to some music but you don’t want to download the entire video, you can choose the “mp3” format before downloading. The system will give you the mp3 file instead of the entire video for sure. 

It seems that you can find almost anything on this platform. Whether you open the website from a computer or smartphone, you can enjoy all features at most. Even though you can access the features through the app, it is always better to use the website feature. 

From the website, you can create an account for free, download content you want to save, create playlists, and many more. But, is Tubidy safe? Would you encounter any virus and malware attack by accessing Tubidy?

Is Tubidy Safe?

Everything on the internet is quite worrying nowadays. You see spam and irrelevant ads everywhere. When your kids use your gadget to find their favorite cartoon, they might be lost on the wrong page.

So, what does Tubidy offer that makes this platform stand out from other similar services?

No spam

As mentioned earlier, Tubidy is a platform that offers a search engine to search the latest videos. Of course, other platforms like YouTube and Dailymotion offer the same services. However, there is no way you can download videos from those platforms without another third-party app.

When using Tubidy, you can download as many videos as you like directly from the website. There is no need to install another app for downloading your favorite content. Viruses and unexpected virtual attacks are off the table.

The platform also eliminates all irrelevant ads and spam. Thus, using Tubidy is convenient on many levels.

Kids protection feature

Tubidy is home to tons of videos from various genres. Whether you are looking for entertainment videos or craft tutorials, this platform gets everything covered.

But what if your child wants to watch their favorite shows? Can Tubidy provide adequate protection to your kids?

As parents, you are fully responsible for what your kids are watching. Thus, you can filter unwanted videos from Tubidy by enabling the “Kid’s Protection” feature. Once the feature is active, your kids will only find videos that are appropriate for them.

Accurate searching

We all know that there are many options on the internet when it comes to video search engines. Almost all of them offer similar features, which are fine.

As a free platform, Tubidy also works on its best to deliver quality content through accurate searching. There are millions of videos in their libraries, but it doesn’t mean that the search engine won’t give you accurate results according to your keywords.

More than anything, the platform offers a free service. You can watch your favorite videos, download them in various formats, convert video clips into mp3 files, and all those things don’t need any subscription plan.

You should give Tubidy a shot, after all.

Why should you use Tubidy?

As the title suggests, we will try to give you a concrete image of this platform. As a video search engine that provides content for free, Tubidy is safe and convenient. Everyone can use and navigate the website easily, without the need for any skill or specialty in the first place. 

The interface is intuitive, and all things on the screen are easy to understand. The developer puts names on every icon, which makes anything easier to find and navigate.

Besides the useful features, Tubidy also provides several great things that you would love.

Excellent layout

As mentioned earlier, Tubidy comes with a nice interface. The theme is aesthetically pleasing and classy. Even though the look gives a magnificent impression, it doesn’t make users feel overwhelmed with the menu.

Despite the intuitive interface, Tubidy has a basic layout. It is excellent to navigate even though this is your first time. However, some people consider that factor as “boring”. Yet, it is not a problem at all.

Good source of videos.

This platform provides tons of video collections in its library. We already mentioned over and over through the article that everything is free, no need to pay for any subscription plan.

Thus, you can always keep up with the trends through the section dedicatedly made for viral videos in the last seven days. Other than that, you can also find videos that got the most viewed in your region.

This search engine works pretty much like its competitors. However, Tubidy offers a free service without differentiating premium and non-premium users. Nothing sounds as interesting as to how Tubidy treats its users.


More than anything, this platform offers something that other search engines cannot give. Even though the main purpose is to find videos, Tubidy takes the initiation to provide a download feature for free.

You got nothing to lose to try this search engine. Some users reported that this platform didn’t work as quickly as its rivals. However, there is nothing to worry about if you want to give it a try. So, you should try Tubidy!

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