What Is Tubidy and How to Use It The Right Way?

It is no surprise that there are many helpful tools in the scope of the tech world. Applications come in many forms and purposes for users to use accordingly. Tubidy is one of many apps that work specifically in the field of audio and video content. Some people may have been familiar with this purposeful tool to use in various devices. It provides access to video and music content all around the web for free. Well, free access to numerous contents is the key element of this thing. It is also the aspect that brings many people to try and eventually use it every day.

The basic of this app is a portal or hosting app.  It directs users to reach the video and music files they are searching for them. Think of it as a YouTube with both music and video as the available contents in it. More importantly, it comes without the so-called premium version with a paid subscription required. With that thing in mind, it is only reasonable that many people are eager to try it. Unfortunately, it is pivotal to know how to get it and use it the right way. Fortunately, this tool is a user-friendly app that everyone will master immediately.

Using It on Android Devices

Among the good things about Tubidy is that there is a wide selection of a platform to get it. One of the choices on that is Android. Thus, it is possible to search and download it for free through the official Google Play Store. Any user of Android will immediately get access to it after downloading it from the Play Store. It is easier to use the Android app version of this tool when using an Android device. Nevertheless, it is possible to access it through a web browser within the Android device that is in use.

To use this tool, go to the official page of the app. Do this by typing Tubidy.im in the search bar of the browser. On the official web page, there will be a list of thousands of videos and music files. Find the contents to watch or listen to and stream them directly. On the other hand, it requires a few more things to do to download it. To do that, scroll down the web page to find the Save Link or Download options there. Tap on one of those options and pick the preferred types of files to download. The files will then be available in the internal storage of the device to enjoy later on.

Accessing It on iPhone

It takes a bit more complex steps to use Tubidy on an iPhone. It is reasonable because that is always like that with the iPhone. It even requires third-party apps ready in the first place. In this case, DManager and Total Files are the best options of the third-party apps to use. Both of those apps are available on the official App Store of iPhone to download and install.

To use this tool in iPhone, third-party apps like DManager and Total Files come into play. To do that, open either one of those apps and search for it. The official web page of the app will be on display there. The numerous contents of video and mp3 audio will be there to search and browse accordingly. It is easy to find the one to watch or listen to on this page. There will be the menu Mp3 Audio to tap to access the download options of the file. On the next page, there will be the Download and Open options to complete the process. 

It goes the same way when using DManager to search and download Mp4 files instead of Mp3 files. On the window of the video, a menu of Mp4 Video to tap on it is there. That will open a new page that displays the menus of Download, Copy Link, and Cancel. As the previous method, tap the Download option to allow the app to download the contents. It is easy to find and download videos and music content using Tubidy on iPhone. As long as the third-party apps are available, there will be no problems at all on this matter.

The Brief Review

Many things come along with this tool to expect. It is not only easy to use but convenient to do many things. Aside from the fact that it is a streaming tool, it is also a reliable downloader and converter at the same time. That makes it simpler for users to download the contents they want according to their preferences. There is no need to have third-party converter apps ready to do the conversion afterward. This tool does that seamlessly in the background.

More importantly, in the user interface of Tubidy, there are purposeful menus that improve its user experience. The menus consist of My Account Playlist, My Upload, Top Video, My Stats, My recently Viewed, Language, and a Search Box. They all come in handy for users who use them often. The My Account Playlist menu is available for registered users to create and manage their playlists. It eliminates the need for searching the files all over again to watch or listen to them. Once a playlist is available, a user can access it immediately once opening the page.

On the other hand, the Top Video is the place to search for the latest trending contents on the website. It is easy to stay up to date with the latest things by entering this menu. Furthermore, the My Recently Watched menu is the history or library of the users. Contents that users access previously will be there to revisit at any time. All in all, this tool is nothing but purposeful for all users. Nevertheless, it is better to make sure that the internet connection is of the best quality. A poor internet connection often leads to problems and issues when using this streaming and downloading page for music and video content.

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