Tubidy: The Finest Search Engine for Videos Downloader

Tubidy is one of the search engine options you should try if you love to keep up with the latest videos and music trends. Videos, on the other hand, are not merely for entertainment purposes. 

You can use videos to learn new things, finding new information, and lots of things. Other than that, you can find lots of useful tutorials you can try at home. Nowadays, marketers also use video content to advertise their products.

When it comes to online platforms to watch videos, there are plenty of options you can try today. YouTube is the biggest player in the industry, but today there is a lot to face if you want to start your business on this platform. Thus, why don’t you give Tubidy a shot?

Tubidy allows you to search videos and download them easily. Other than that, you can choose the format to save the video on your phone. Watching your favorite content offline is possible in many ways.

In this article, we are going to talk about a platform to share and search videos instantly. The best part is that you can download videos and music files that you may not be able to download elsewhere. Let us know your thoughts!

Features Offered

Just like any other app, Tubidy has several things to offer. Some people consider the offer as something interesting, considering all of them are free. Before giving your perspective about this app, let’s take a look at the offer in the first place

Watch videos

This app offers a smooth process to watch videos. Other than videos in general, you can keep up with nowadays’ trends. It seems like you can find almost any video you want to watch. 

The feature to watch videos is not an impressive thing, after all. All video platforms can provide the same thing. However, Tubidy allows you to watch any kind of video without the need to pay for a subscription for premium videos in the first place.

From Hollywood movie trailers to Bollywood popular songs are available in Tubidy. Thus, you better consider this app for your video search engine.

Videos Downloader

Do you know that Tubidy allows users to download videos instantly? There is no need to use a video converter or other third-party apps in the first place. All videos uploaded in Tubidy are free to download.

You need to visit the official website of Tubidy if you plan to download the videos. Before downloading, you will find a box with a list of formats and sizes of the video. Once you choose the format, the system will automatically download your choice. You will get a notification once your download is finished.

Ease of use

Talking about an app that comes with a bunch of features, Tubidy dares to provide something seamless and effortless. The company knows that the users come from various background differences. Thus, everyone can use the app and navigate the website without mastering any technical skills in the first place.

The interface is impressive, even though it seems a bit basic. Seeing the layout and theme is quite pleasing. There is no ad and other irrelevant content posted on the homepage. Creating and logging into your account will be as effortlessly as possible.

Convert videos to MP3

Other than downloading videos without a converter, you can also extract the audio file of a video and save it into an MP3 format. Again, you don’t need any converter app in the first place.

The steps are similar to when you download a video by using the Tubidy website. Once you have found the videos of songs you like, you can click the download button on the screen. A box with a list of formats will appear on your screen, and you can pick “mp3” to save the video in music format.

Make playlists

Almost all video search engine platforms provide this feature. You need to create an account before making any playlist.

Creating a playlist requires you to go to the official website and start the process from there. Once you have made a playlist, you can listen to it or watch the videos through the app on your phone.

As mentioned earlier, Tubidy offers something unique and seamless that other platforms cannot offer for free.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Tubidy

Pros of Tubidy

By using this platform, you can watch a bunch of videos for free. Other than that, users are allowed to download any video effortlessly. In case you worry about spending a boring long flight, downloading the videos will be a good idea.

The other thing you would love by using this platform is a feature to create a playlist. The playlist may contain videos you love or music videos you are currently tuning in.

Generally, the interface of Tubidy is basic and simple. This is why operating the app is effortless, no need for a specific skill in the first place.

Cons of Tubidy

However, some aspects are worth considering. According to some reports, several videos don’t work as promised.

You need a decent internet connection to operate the app or website. However, sometimes users find the app a bit slow. Without innovative upgrades, the app will remain stuck and won’t work smoothly.


Tubidy is one of the best video search engines for free you can try. Watching and downloading videos is easier than you have ever imagined. All the features are available for free; it means that you can download your favorite music videos without paying any subscription in the first place.

Activating the playlist feature may require you to register an account. The good news is that you don’t need to pay for anything, and setting up an account is effortless. 

This app is not the best one on the market. If all you need is to watch videos online, some bigger and well-known platforms can offer more for sure.

However, if you are looking for a free video search engine that offers a lot, you can consider Tubidy on your list.

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