Tubidy Review, A Free Online Video Service with Amazing Features

Video streaming is one of the best things we can get from the internet. It gives us not only information but also entertainment. We can even say that online video streaming is the main entertainment we have today, especially during the pandemic situation. However, sometimes it is hard to find the video that we want to watch. This is where Tubidy comes as the help. This review will reveal what this online service can do for you.

What is Tubidy?

Tubidy offers a platform where you can search for all kinds of videos on the internet. Once you find the video that you like, you also can watch it through this platform. Because it is also compatible with a mobile device, Tubidy has become one of the most versatile online video players that you can use today. Best of all, this online service also can let you choose the video in various video formats, such as MP4, 3GP, and other formats.

Tubidy Features

Even though Tubidy is a free service, it has various features that you can compare to the paid version of a similar service. Some of the features even exceed what those paid versions offered. These amazing features are also the reason why we see it as one of the best video apps you can get for your mobile device. Now, let’s take a look at what kind of features you can find on Tubidy.

-        User-Friendly Interface

Tubidy has one of the best interface designs among video apps and online services you can find. It is simple and doesn’t have too many menus or complicated options. On its front page, you can see the search bar. Use any keywords to find the video that you want and hit enter or magnifying glass icon. And, Tubidy will display the result on the bottom area of its interface. It is as simple as that. To play the video, you just need to click or tap the video on the result page. And, it will play that immediately.

It also has the drop-down menu icon on the upper right corner of the interface. You can use it to use several menus, such as creating an account or signing in, using the playlist, and many more. In short, you won’t have any problem mastering and use this app, even though it was your first time.

-        Online Video Streaming

As we mentioned before, Tubidy also has an online video streaming feature. This feature allows you to watch any video on the internet through the built-in player on the Tubidy website. It is also easy to use. You just need to search the video that you want to watch using the search bar. Then, click the video on the result area on the bottom part of its interface.

Tubidy will open the floating video player with a pretty much complete video playing button. Use it to play, pause, or using other functions to enjoy that video.

We also like the part where Tubidy has an interactive tool to manage your video history. You can find it on the same drop-down menu where you create the account or sign in. here, you can find the Top Searches option, Top Videos, My Recently Viewed, and your account option. This way you can easily find out about the past video that you have watched, in case you want to watch it again.

-        Playlist Feature

You also can find the playlist feature that allows you to create the playlist of the video that you like. You can find it on the account menu. Open the “My Playlist” menu, and hit the “Create Playlist” button. Now, every time you open and watch the video, you will have an option to add it to your playlist.

-        Download Videos

This feature maybe is the reason why Tubidy has become one of the most popular online video services. You don’t need a download manager or other tools to extract the video from the internet. Tubidy has it in one place for you.

Best of all, you can use this feature every time you watch a video. After you open the video and the video floating window popup, under that window you can find several download options you can choose. Just close the video floating window and choose the format to download that video. You also can see the size of the video file that you want to download. It is very helpful information to save your internet data and storage space.

-        Convert the Video into MP3 Audio

When you open the download menu, Tubidy also offers the option to convert the video into MP3 audio. It means you will only download the audio file of that video. It is a very useful feature that you can use to extract the music from the music video you can find via this online service. Now, you can easily get the music that you like in the audio format. Unfortunately, you can’t get high-quality audio with this feature. It always downloads the standard quality of the audio.

Pros & Cons


-It is a free video service,

-You don’t need to install the app as it is a website,

-You can create a playlist easily,

-Easy-to-use interface,

-You can download video and audio.


- It has a low-quality video player compared to other streaming services,

-It sometimes works slowly,

-Some video is unable to play.


Tubidy is indeed one of the best alternative online video streaming services that you can use. Moreover, you can access almost all kinds of videos using this service for free. It gives you more freedom to explore the internet and find and watch the video. Plus, its download feature also allows you to watch the video without an internet connection. In short, Tubidy could be a great choice, for you who want to watch videos on the internet without worrying about your internet data usage or internet connection problem.

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