Tubidy App Review – Is It even Safe?

Regardless of your location, listening to music is essential. Your hobby is also accommodated as the streaming platforms are getting more and more in number. 

However, sometimes you cannot listen to your favorite songs on streaming platforms when the internet connection is unstable. Thus, you must give Tubidy a shot.

Tubidy is an app you can use for downloading videos and mp3 files easily. You don’t need to come back to streaming platforms every time you want to listen to your favorite artists’ songs. 

By downloading music and video files, you have control over your phone. Also, getting through a 4-hour boring flight is not a problem anymore since you have downloaded your favorite content.

In this article, we will answer all questions commonly asked about this app. Some people seem worried about how legit this app is. You can find the answer in this article too.

About Tubidy

Tubidy is an online platform that provides quality music and videos for free. This platform consists of several websites so you can pick which works best for your category. It seems that you will find tons of similar websites on the platform that makes it easier to download files. 

Using the website is the easiest step you can try, especially if you haven’t downloaded the app. The website allows you to access lots of things from trending music to the latest videos. Other than that, all files are available for free download.

Meanwhile, downloading the app is also a good idea. Creating a playlist is only available on Tubidy’s website, but you can access it through the app later. It is similar to using a search engine tool but for music and videos.

The interface is standard, which requires no skill at all to operate.

Before utilizing all tools and features provided on the website, you need to create an account in the first place. There is no need to pay for a subscription or any fee; everything is free in Tubidy.

Once you have an account, you can upload and download media files easily. Having an account also allows users to create both online and offline playlists. Thus, why don’t you create a free account in Tubidy?

Is it free?

As mentioned earlier, Tubidy is a platform that connects you to thousands of media files for free. Whether you use the website or the app, listening and downloading any file is possible. 

Nowadays, downloading video and music files is getting harder and harder. This platform, on the other hand, simplifies the process for its users. Thus, anyone can download their favorite content as long as they’ve joined the community in the first place.

Tubidy is quite famous across the globe due to its consistent effort to deliver music service for all users around the world. Keep in mind that the purpose of this platform is for entertainment only. It is a shame if users use this platform to download media files and make them commercial. 

Accessing Tubidy from the app and website is simple and effortless. The categories are well-sorted and easy to navigate. What if you have an old version of specific songs? Feel free to upload it to the system. Other users would love to listen to your collections as well. Besides, it is better if more people know good things, right?

Categories in Tubidy

As mentioned earlier, you can access the website to enjoy all features offered by the platform. Navigating the website is effortless, you already know since the first time you see the homepage. 

Why is the website seamless? Many similar sites utilize many icons to optimize the page appearance. However, it can lead to confusion for many users. On the other hand, Tubidy uses enough icons to make users know what to check out without being too much. Thus, it is effortless to navigate the website.

My account playlist

My Account Playlist is a feature where users can create and manage their playlist. As mentioned earlier, the user requires to create an account in Tubidy in the first place. Users can later access the playlist anywhere they want.

Utilizing this feature requires an internet connection, after all. Thus, if you prefer offline-listening, feel free to download the content instead.

My upload

My Upload is the section you should visit if you plan to upload your media collection. As long as you have created a Tubidy account, uploading files is seamless. Once your file is in the air, everyone can listen to it too.

However, this feature is only available on the website. You cannot upload your content through the app. Still, don’t miss this opportunity.

Top video

If you are looking for the latest videos on the database, you can access the Top Video section. Besides viral videos, the newest videos are also available in this category. Tubidy is such a convenience for those who enjoy watching videos on the internet.

My stats

Tubidy allows you to be the one who controls your collection. Once you have uploaded things on the platform, people will watch, comment, and like them. To see the activities and anything about your account, you can go to My Stats.

My recently viewed

As its name suggests, this section is where you find the history of videos you watched and downloaded. In case you want to rewatch files you’ve streamed on the website, the My Recently Viewed section is where you should go.


Tubidy is famous all over the world. You can change the language as you prefer. Other than that, you can filter your search by including videos or music that only contain specific languages. This platform works as hard as possible so anyone can enjoy the content without dealing with the language barrier.

Search box

Meanwhile, if you need to find a specific file or content, simply enter the artist name or video name, or song title on the search box. As mentioned earlier, Tubidy is a search engine tool but more specific.

Tubidy is free and safe. You can use it whenever and wherever you want without dealing with legal concerns.

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