All About Tubidy You Need to Know

Similar to other search engines or applications, you can use Tubidy with several benefits. To use Tubidy, you can use it by visiting their website or download their application. Both two platforms are easy to use and convenient for a watch or download any music and videos. The best thing about using Tubidy is it has thousands of songs and videos available to stream and downloads for free. 

You can download any videos and songs from Tubidy unlimited times. If you are the first user of Tubidy you do not need to register an account or log in to listen or download their content. 

Converting Video and Songs 

Tubidy is working as something like a video converter. You do not need to wait for the system to convert the file. When you already find the videos on the website, they are all converted. The files in Tubidy are from the website directly. You will find multiple videos and audio formats from the website. Users can download files for multiple devices as well as PC too. Connect your device to the website to download any desired files. After a search, the files on the website, choose one of the available results and then click on the formats available to choose to download to your device.  

Things related to the converter issue is the quality of converting result. It is not as high-quality files enough. It is becoming the main reason people prefer another platform to convert their files in a better way. However, this app and website have still other pros that make users attracted and visit this platform every day. Tubidy has a better user interface that easy to use and fast. Keep in your mind as when you use this platform, there is no annoying advertisement that usually keeps appearing when you use other platforms. You do not need to make an account or register as a member to access the features. The entire features provided in the platform are available for users free to use. Once you click the subscription, you will be access to a lifetime experience. 

Device Compatibility 

Tubidy is doing its best to provide the best features to compare with other platforms. The platforms can use in a smartphone. It is compatible with iPhone and Android as easy to use. The compatibility provides convenience and comfort for users to use it without too many efforts. When using the app, you need to make an account on the website or app to access the downloading features of videos and other features. With the app, users can make their favorite playlist by downloading the songs and once it is done, they can enjoy their songs in offline mode. The same versions to make playlists are also available in website mode. 

The Main Features of Tubidy

Tubidy is a convenient app that offers features without letting its users spending a sum of money. There are premium features available on the platform to help their users.

  • Provide availability to stream or download the video. The best thing of use the application is on the feature to facilitate users to watching or listening songs or videos with free. Along with downloading feature, their users able to watch their video offline anytime they want to watch. 
  • Features to make a playlist. It is one of the most favorite features of Tubidy users. To make a playlist on this app you need to open an account in the application. After your account is done you can create your favorite music playlist and listen to them offline or online. 
  • User-friendly navigation. Use this application is easy. You do not need to make an account to listen to or download the files. However, create one allow you more access to exciting features to enjoy songs and videos.
  • Converting files option. The application allows its users to convert files they download into any desired files. 

Tubidy Menu Categories 

Now, we move to look at Tubidy categories available on the website. This will help you to have a better experience when you visit Tubidy. Tubidy website is simple and easy to navigate through the media displayed on the platform.

  • My Upload. You can enjoy upload and share your music or videos of your selected files on the website. 
  • My Playlist. After you have an account on the Tubidy website or app, you can create a playlist. Users can create and save different media and files as desired and access them anywhere and anytime.
  • Top video. This menu will help users to reach out to the latest trending video that has been updated on the website. The top menu also displays the recent and most-watched videos or songs that go viral on the internet or social media.
  • Search Box. There are thousands of files and hundreds of new files are uploaded to the platform. The search box allows Tubidy users to find their desired songs and video in a fast way. Just type the name and the search box will show related results in seconds.
  • Language. Tubidy is popular all over the world and its users are uploading and downloading the media globally through their desired language. Therefore, the website provided language options for those people to get as well as content they want to watch or download.
  • My Stats. Tubidy also has tracking activity on your account or at the Tubidy website. You can read the entire information include the account login. 
  • My Recently Viewed. This menu allows users to look at their previous history of videos that they have been watched or download from Tubidy. 
  • Kid and children protection. If you are a parent that a safety concern when your kids use the internet, Tubidy provides this feature to their users. Tubidy also has categories of Education to help kids with their study purpose. You can search videos and tutorials related to the studies that help kids. 

Tubidy is considered one of the trusted and reliable platforms to watch and download songs and videos. There are no spamming and viruses when their users download files. There is no chance of malware or viruses when downloading songs or videos via Tubidy.

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